Thank you for your interest in our Bid Specifications and Tabulations.


Throughout the year the Ogemaw County Road Commission bids a variety of products and services.  To inquire about the dates and times of our bid openings please refer to the content below or our local newspapers.  In addition, feel free to contact the road commission with any questions at (989) 345-0234, or email us at  we will be happy to answer any questions and look forward to working with you.


The Ogemaw County Road Commission Board and Staff

2016—2017 Bid Tabulations


                MDOT Rest Area Building, Grounds, & Lawn Maintenance Services       (02/28/17)

                     Materials & Services       (03/08/17)

                     Bituminous Paving                (05/31/17)

2015—2016 Bid Tabulations

             Materials & Services               (03/09/16)

             Trucking Rental Re-Bid           (04/06/16)

             Equipment                               (05/04/16)

                         Two  (2) New 2017 66,000 GVWR Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Chassis’

             Bituminous Paving                    (06/15/16)

             Processing of Road Gravel        (08/24/16)

2014—2015 Bid Tabulations

             Processing of Road Gravel      (09/24/14)

             Materials & Services               (03/11/15)

             Flynn Road Bridge @ Houghton Creek    (05/20/15)

             Used Equipment                      (05/20/15)

             Seal Coat Application w/ Materials   (06/17/15)    Addendum 06/03/15

             Used Equipment Re-Bid                   (06/17/15)

             Bituminous Paving                     (07/27/15)

2013—2014 Bid Tabulations


             Used Equipment           (11/06/13)

             Materials & Services    (03/12/14)

             Bituminous Paving        (06/18/14)


2012—2013 Bid Tabulations


             Materials & Services    (03/13/13)

             Bituminous Paving       (06/05/13)

             Processing of Road Gravel      (09/26/12)

             Equipment        (09/26/12)

                          Four (4) New 2013 60,000 GVWR Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Chassis’

                          Three (3) New Tandem Axle Dump Truck Equipment Packages

                          One (1) New Radius Dump Body Truck Equipment Package


2011—2012 Bid Tabulations


             Materials & Services    (03/14/12)

             Seal Coat Applications, including Materials   (05/23/12)

             Bituminous Paving       (06/06/12)