Thanks for your interest in our permits and procedures.  This section of our website has been developed to help you know, in advance, the rules and regulations for work involving the county public road right-of-way and to provided a sample copy of an application permit form.


The policies cited have been adopted by the Board of County Road Commissioners of Ogemaw County (Board) to promote safety and the general public welfare.


Official policies sometimes contain unfamiliar terminology, so feel free to call us at (989) 345-0234, fax us at (989) 345-2337, or email us at .  We will be happy to answer any questions and look forward to working with you.


The Ogemaw Country Road Commission Board and Staff

OCRC is now processing ALL R-O-W and Transportation permits through OXCART.
We will NO longer be accepting paper permits.

Permits & Procedures

       Permit Fee Schedule

       Permit and Utility Infomation Packet

       Driveways, Road Closures, & Banners Information Packet

       Plat Development Packet Information

       Information on Broadband, Small Cells, and DAS in the Local Road Right-of-way

         Sample Insurance Requirements, Rules and Regulations

       Communication Service Provider (CSP) Permit Special Terms and Conditions

            Must be filled out with every permit if your company installs voice, video, and/or data to the public or other end users

            working in the road right-of-way.

Right-of-Way (ROW) Permits: August 2021 the Ogemaw County Road Commission started using the Oxcart Permit Systems for the processing of ALL right-of-way permits (residential, field, commercial, annual, temporary, special use, utility, ditching, monitoring wells, etc.).

Failure to get a ROW permit, before doing any work within the road ROW, will result in a non-compliance fee, which is triple the normal permit fee.

Transportation Moving Permits: May 2018 the Ogemaw County Road Commission started using the Oxcart Permit Systems for the processing of ALL transportation permits/routes (single, mobile, extended, seasonal - utilities, milk, agricultural).

Annual Transportation Permits: are NOT valid during spring weight restrictions.

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