Any business wishing to be notified by fax or email message with notice of when frost laws take effect or the suspension of frost laws may contact the Road Commission at (989) 345-0234 or email at, however, the Road Commission will not be responsible for any inadvertent lack of notice.

Seasonal Weight Restriction Information

Seasonal load limits will be imposed on Ogemaw County roads
beginning at 7:00 A.M., Thursday, February 1, 2024,

and will be in effect until further notice

Not all of the Roads under the jurisdiction of the Ogemaw County Road Commission will be restricted.

Click here for a complete list of Non-Restricted Ogemaw County Roads.

Under NO circumstances will any over weight or over width permits be issued during the
seasonal weight restriction period on any Ogemaw CRC Roads.

For a recent history of when Weight Restrictions were applied and removed from Ogemaw County Roads, follow here.

For a complete list of roads that 
are  weight restricted click here.

Weight Restrictions may or may not be in effect on State Trunkline Roads, however, all State Roads in Ogemaw County
 are exempt from weight restrictions.  For further information, check the 

CRA video about understanding seasonal weight restrictions.

In an effort to reduce the wear on Michigan's roads, Seasonal weight restrictions have been established. The section of law relating to axle loads is MCL 257.722. 
(7) Except as provided in this subsection and subsection (8), during the months of March, April, and May in each year, the maximum axle load allowable on concrete pavements or pavements with a concrete base shall be reduced by 25% from the maximum axle load as specified in this chapter, and the maximum axle loads allowable on all other types of roads during these months shall be reduced by 35% from the maximum axle loads as specified. The maximum wheel load shall not exceed 525 pounds per inch of tire width on concrete and concrete base or 450 pounds per inch of tire width on all other roads during the period the seasonal road restrictions are in effect. This subsection does not apply to vehicles transporting agricultural commodities or public utility vehicles on a highway, road, or street under the jurisdiction of a local road agency.
For the full text of MCL 257.722 Click here

There are some limited classes that are exempt from these restrictions after a permit is filed.  Please see the County Road Association of Michigan's web site for more detail on the Permitting requirements and exempt classes as well as for up to date information on weight restrictions state wide.