Mailbox Information

Standard mailboxes are allowed without a permit in the road right of-way as a public service and are to be constructed in a manner which does not interfere with the safety of the traveling public or the maintenance and operations of the road system.

The Ogemaw County Road Commission does provide a standard mailbox and /or post as a replacement if destroyed by actual Road Commission equipment during maintenance operations, even though by law, the Ogemaw County Road Commission has no legal responsibility to do so.

If you believe your mailbox and/or post was damaged by the Ogemaw County Road Commission road equipment, report the damage as soon as possible by calling our office . You will need to provide your address, phone number and approximate date/time the damage occurred. Once submitted and after all storm clean-up is complete, a foreman will investigate the damage and determine whether or not the damage was caused by road equipment.

If an inspection shows that the mailbox and/or post was hit by a plow or other Road Commission equipment, the Road Commission will provide a standard mailbox and/or post. Installation of the box and/or post is the responsibility of the claimant.

If an inspection shows the damage was caused by thrown ice or snow coming off the plow, the mailbox and/or post repairs are the responsibility of the property owner.

To prepare for the winter, the Ogemaw County Road Commission and the County Road Association of Michigan recommend property owners or caretakers give their mailbox a good hefty shake. If it moves when shaken, the mailbox or post may not withstand standard snow removal operations. Taking the time now to tighten screws and secure mail receptacles can help prevent potential future damage.

This video talks about the importance of shaking your mailbox annually to ensure it is secure.

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